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Pro Tech Introduces NoiseBusterR Electronic Noise Canceling Safety Earmuff to Light Construction Market at World's Largest Show

FORT PIERCE Fort Pierce, city (1990 pop. 36,830), seat of St. Lucie co., SE Fla., on Indian River (a lagoon; part of the Intracoastal Waterway); settled in the 1860s around a fort; inc. 1901 as a city. , Fla. -- Pro Tech Communications, Inc. (OTCBB OTCBB

See OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB). :PCTU) will introduce the NoiseBuster(R) Electronic Noise Canceling (ENC ENC Encoded (File Name Extension)

ENC Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education ) Earmuff to the light construction market at the 2006 International Builders' Show, January 11-14, in the Orange County Convention Center The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) is the Dre Headphones primary public convention center in Central Florida. The large complex is located on International Drive, a major tourist area in Orlando, Florida. in Orlando, Florida The city of Orlando is a major city in central Florida and is the county seat of Orange County, Florida. According to the 2000 census, the city population was 185,951. . To obtain the show special, purchasers must enter NAHB NAHB National Association of Home Builders

NAHB National Academy of Health and Business (Canada) as the promotion code, good through January 14.

Unlike traditional passive-only earmuffs Earmuffs are objects designed to cover a person's ears for protection. They consist of a thermoplastic or metal head-band, that fits over the top of the head, and a pad at each end, to cover the external ears. and earplugs, the NoiseBuster ENC Earmuff provides more complete protection from a wider Dre Headphones range of noise frequencies, particularly the low frequency noise generated by engines, motors and fans that is prevalent in many industrial settings. The passive component of the NoiseBuster ENC Earmuff has a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR NRR National Research Register

NRR Nuclear Reactor Regulation

NRR Noise Reduction Rating

NRR Non Repudiation of Receipt (electronic commerce)

NRR Net Run Rate (cricket)

NRR Nuclear Regulatory Research ) of 26dB (when worn over-the-head) and 25db (when worn behind-the-head) and the ENC component provides as much as 20dB of added noise reduction within the low-frequency bandwidth of 20-800 Hz. The earmuff is priced at $149.

The NoiseBuster's audio input feature also makes it an excellent choice for do-it-yourself users of power tools, lawnmowers and other equipment who want to listen to music, as well as for motor sports fans when used in conjunction with scanners (devices that allow fans to hear the radio communications of race car drivers and pit crews). For audio to be heard in the presence of noise it must be overamplified above the noise thereby creating a possible hearing hazard. The NoiseBuster ENC Earmuff cancels noise so that music can be enjoyed at safer volume levels. The product delivers excellent audio quality, comparable to that of higher-priced, noise canceling audio headphones Head-mounted speakers. Headphones have a strap that rests on top of the head, positioning a pair of speakers over both ears. For listening to music or monitoring live performances and audio tracks, both left and right channels are required. currently on the market.

"We believe the NoiseBuster ENC Earmuff is a true breakthrough in industrial hearing protection," said Richard Hennessey, President, Pro Tech. "Passive earplugs and earmuffs are effective against mid- and high- frequency noise, but they lose their effectiveness at 500 hertz and below. Electronic low frequency noise cancellation (1) The elimination of unwanted signals in an electronic circuit. See noise and dynamic noise reduction.

(2) The elimination of unwanted noise in the environment using noise cancelling headphones. delivers an additional level of protection and enables workers to hear crucial sounds such as speech and warning signals."

Mr. Hennessey continued, "Additionally, we know that many light industrial workers and do-it-yourselfers enjoy listening to music while working, and there are a number of music-playing earmuffs with built-in radios on the market today. At the NoiseBuster's attractive price point, consumers can use this technologically-advanced product to listen to any music source at safe volume levels."

The NoiseBuster ENC Earmuff is powered with a single AA battery that provides 65 hours of use. The unit is resistant to water, moisture, contaminants, mechanical shock and vibration. The product features soft, pliable ear cushions and an adjustable, extra-wide headband that can be worn over-the-head or behind-the-head. The unit is warrantied for one year.

Pro Tech Communications, Inc. engineers, designs and distributes audio and communications solutions and other products for business users, industrial users and consumers. The company's mission is to utilize its patented technologies to deliver the most advanced, feature-rich, durable and comfortable products at the most competitive price. Pro Tech's most recognized brands include the Apollo(TM) line of high-performance products for office and call center environments, the ProCom(TM) line of highly-durable headsets for drive-through restaurant personnel and the NoiseBuster(R) electronic noise canceling consumer audio headphone See headphones. and safety earmuff.

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The supreme Style Watch

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How To Choose Stylish Rolex With 18k Gold And Diamond

Choosing the right watch to suit your taste and preference can be difficult when you have variety of choices at your disposal. When buying a distinguished timepiece such as Rolex watches Canada, there are certain features to keep in mind so that you can narrow down your search. Here is a list of factors to consider when shopping for a luxurious watch.

Before investing in an expensive product such as Rolex or Mont Blanc watches, you need to determine the cheap rolex purpose behind it. Are you looking to gift it to a dear one or buy it for yourself? Is for everyday wear or for special occasions? By setting a purpose, you can narrow down your search in looking for Rolex watches in Canada. Once you know why you want to buy a luxurious watch, you can be more prepared to consider the details in buying it.

The best way to shop for deluxe timepiece is in person. This allows you to touch and feel the item as well as try it on to see whether it fits or suits your skin color and other features. Exclusive timepieces such as Baume Mercier watches should be physically tried on in order to buy the best. Begin by examining the exterior of the watch in detail. The peripheral of the product speaks much about its make. Genuine Baume Mercier or Rolex watches in Canada are designed to perfection. However, personal choices should guide you in selecting a perfect watch. The watchs faade such as the dial, the strap or bracelet, the shell and so on should instantly appeal to your taste. The surface should be very smooth to the touch.

Consider Authenticity Of Watches

Also consider the color and the precious metals and gems used in designing the timepiece. Rolex watches with 18K gold and original diamond is a popular choice among the affluent. It instantly adds refinement and sophistication to your overall dressing. Original Rolex watches will always include genuine gold and diamonds. Authentic Mont Blanc watches are created using the finest materials to rolex watches ensure high quality performance and appearance. Genuine watches are engineered to last, being resistant to regular wear. Baume Mercier watches too offer the most distinct selection of timepieces to enhance class and elegance.

When shopping for genuine watches, always ensure that you approach only a reputed dealer or retailer. By easing the burden that you put on your feet each day, Finn Comfort can lessen the difficul . When it comes to Indian weddings, every culture has its own style. With different brides com . Featuring its function to produce the smallest elements hearable, you could be amazed to listen .

House Movement Revolutionizes the Swiss Replica Br

This is your season to rejoice

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The Fendi store in particular increased to 3,000 square feet and became the first location to house an exclusive stand-alone Shoe Salon located at the boutique entrance. The store now carries the full collection of Ready-to-Wear and fur, handbags, accessories and shoes. The store is an homage to the Italian architectural marvel, the Pantheon..

However, the thing to keep in mind is that they are only responsible for selling your items. They do not purchase from you directly; neither do they engage themselves in delivery or after sale services in most cases. Their source of earning is the preset commission on each sale..

Breitling replica watches are perfect for those who adore fashion watches. You will be extremely glad to find that they are available in incredible designs, style and patterns. The best thing about these quality watches is that they are made with thorough precision.

So Longcils had to reformulate the formula and it left customers a little less satisfied. Divaderme still uses the same natural fibers it has used in the past while Longcils has switched to a synthetic fiber. Natural fibers mean no irritation. Wealthy consumers who know the brand rated Jaeger-LeCoultre by far the most unique and exclusive brand. The brand also best breitling watches achieved the highest rating as a watch used by those people who are admired and respected by the wealthy. As the voice of America's wealthy, the Luxury Institute will have rated more than 300 luxury brands across more than 15 categories with thousands of wealthy and ultra-wealthy consumers in 2005.

The difficulty together with identifying An individual of "treasures" within an not possible site is the fact that it will be chancy. It contributes greatly allow your living room space even more dazzling and fascinating. Then again a big the evening type occuring.

Elise is an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path. And the movie also costars Paul Bettany and Rufus Sewell, who are also extremely talented. Some of the best one's I've been to are:1. Tag Heuer shows how precise the watchmakers are concerning the style, design and the material used to be worn by some of the sophisticated personalities. They are innovative in designs, replica breitling faultless in performance and creative in style since 1860, founded by Eduardo Heuer. They produce impressive and remarkable sports watches and chronographs.

Legal advices are also sought in this regard. There are many companies which operate in shifts thus resulting in high maintenance and overhead costs. Payments of contractors, welders, supervisors, engineers, geologists, scientists and other involved personnel should be done on time, even if the operation turns out to be an unsuccessful one..

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