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Origins of London Blue Topaz

It can be as blue as the sky, a slightly greenish blue, or a highly saturated "electric" blue. Whatever its shade, Blue Topaz has a place in beautiful jewelry and intriguing legends.

Blue Topaz is a quartz crystal, and like most topazes, starts out as being nearly clear. The gem is then irradiated to bring out its blue color and heated to make the change permanent. The hue of blue depends on the type of radiation exposed to the quartz crystals.

If the quartz crystals are hit with neutrons in a nuclear accerator, a grayish-blue or deep greenish-blue color is produced that is frequently referred to as London Blue Topaz. Irradiating topazes with electrons in a linear accelerator will produce Sky Blue Topaz. If the quartz crystals are exposed to both neutorns and electrons, Swiss Blue or Electric Blue Topaz will result with highly saturated colors. The gems must "rest" for at least a year if treated with neutrons before their radiation levels cool enough to allow them to be worn by people.

Most blue topaz has a modest value, so there's little incentive for gemologists to swiss replica watches create synthetic versions of the gem. By coating quartz crystals with titanium particles, a rainbow of colors is produce that is commonly referred to as Mystic Topaz. Since this effect is produced by a thin coating of titanium, Mystic Blue Topaz is extremely fragile and must be handeled with the greatest of care.

Even though Blue Topaz has a very unusual production technique, it performs wonderfully as a gemstone because it polishes up beatifully and has a very high refractive index. Blue Topaz makes a great durable gemstone, since it has a Moh's Scale of 8.

In mystical and New Age healing beliefs, Blue Topaz carries the same healing properties as all forms of topaz: regulates heart action, promotes glandular health, stops bleeding and reduces fever and inflammations such as arthritis. The color of Blue Topaz is commonly considered to help clarity of the mind, aid in meditation and forgiveness. The calming effect of its blue color is believed to help its wearers let go of their anger and fosters forgiveness and reconciliation Panerai Luminor Watches that leads a calmer and more fulfilling life.

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